current projects


Giacinto Scelsi: Trilogy ­– the three ages of man

I count this as one of the ultimates in solo cello literature. It has also been an incredibly arduous and rewarding learning experience, taking me to the realms of Buddhist, Hindu and anthroposophic philosophy. I precede a performance of Trilogy with a reading of excerpts from Scelsi's diary Il sogno 101 and a commentary on the aforementioned themes. On occasion I've also led the audience members to a pre-performance haptic workshop involving tai chi and sonic meditation.

tarinaoopperabaletti by jukka tiensuu

The electric cello is not that useful as a louder sibling of its acoustic counterpart. Instead, when paired with other electronic devides, it has great possibilities as an interface, not least because it allows the player to move and dance around at ease. 

 This concerto for electric cello and ensemble – premiered on 18 April 2016 – is the outcome of a happy collaboration with Jukka Tiensuu, beautifully merging some of the instrument's idiosyncratic possibilities with theatrical and ritualistic aspects of musical performance.

(c) Heikki Tuuli

(c) Heikki Tuuli


Morton Feldman:
Patterns in a chromatic field

Few things equal the late music of Morton Feldman in beauty. 
I perform these marvels of a work with pianist Jouko Laivuori and violinist Pasi Eerikäinen.

music by Alvin Lucier

It was Alvin’s music in particular that back in 2001 in Ostrava showed me a way into an emotionally and physically coherent and genuine musicianship. I actively perform a number of his works with or without the cello. Most currently I’m working on a production of Music for solo performer "for massively amplified brainwaves".

I am sitting in a room
Music on a long thin wire
Indian summer
Music for cello with one or more amplified vases
Music for pure waves, bass drums and acoustic pendulums
Music for solo performer
(coming up)


Spiritual music for cello and electronics

Juho Laitinen: Zen for Bow
Giacinto Scelsi: Dithome
Wolfgang von Schweinitz: Plainsound-Litany
Tristan Perich: Formation



Luigi Dallapiccola: Ciaccona, intermezzo ed adagio
Heinz Holliger: Trema
Usko Meriläinen: Arabesques for solo cello (also on my cd)
Iannis Xenakis: Kottos

Music by Phill Niblock

FeedCorn Ear
Summing II
(coming up: my version for sixteen multitracked cellos)

music with electronic devices

Michael Gordon: Industry
Maija Hynninen: Borrowed Tunes
Kaija Saariaho: Petals & Prés
Roger Smalley: Echo II
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Solo
Oyvind Torvund: Stacks (also on my cd)
Jukka Tiensuu: oddjob
Juho Laitinen: more or less predictable waveforms


UMUU Quartet

UMUU Orchestra, the resident ensemble of the Tulkinnanvaraista series, 
exists in a number of guises, including that of string quartet and trio.

John Cage: String Quartet in Four Parts
Morton Feldman: Structures
Charles Ives: String Quartet No.2
Luigi Nono: Fragmente–Stille, an Diotima
Terry Riley: G Song
Giacinto Scelsi: Elegia per Ty
James Tenney: Glissade
Iannis Xenakis: Ikhoor

more or less experimental solo works

Calligraphy-like action music. Graphic scores. 72-TET microtonality. Sound art. Matter-of-fact aesthetics.

Marc Codina: Frame
Morton Feldman: Projection 1 & Intersection 4
Tom Johnson: Tilework
Ezra Sims: AEDM in memoriam
James Tenney: Cellogram
Markus Trunk: Black on Maroon
Christian Wolff: Cello Suite Variation